Monday, May 31, 2010

Updates 2

Over the last few months I...

1) Had a really tough time bringing these little ones out to this world.

2) Laboured (in the labour room on labour day) through 7 EOD calls in Slim River.
In between which I fell asleep while driving. Car got scraped against the NS highway divider.
A week after, I gladly took the intercity train to KL. Which is a lot safer. And economical.

3) Went to Tioman!!!

4) Attended a unique Wesak Day ceremony at a surprisingly huge Tibetan temple en route to Tambun.

5) Just as I thought I was done with the little ones, they came back with a vengeance. This time they are bigger, noisier, and erm...a lot more cumbersome. And now it's all about them.Photobucket
This friend of ours was 5kgs in his first day of life.

6) Taking every chance to leisure around Ipoh. Been to Kellie's castle. Strolled along the Kinta River bank. Went hunting for good food around town.

The picture at the left bottom corner was taken on one of my better call days just before sunrise.
Ipoh (esp. the hospital compound) looked blithely peaceful.